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Innovatrics IDDemo 1.56

IDDemo is a free 1:N fingerprint identification demo application
1.56 (See all)

IDDemo is a free 1:N fingerprint identification demo application built with IDKit SDK. It comes with a database of 1000 fingerprints (more can be provided upon request). The graphical interface is separated into four tabs: Identify fingerprint, Register new user, Browse database and Settings.

Identify fingerprint

Whenever a fingerprint is detected on the scanner, it is showed in the left pane and immediately searched in the fingerprint database. Best candidates resulting from the search are lined up in the lower row and the active candidate is detailed in the right pane along with user information retrieved from the database. Lower left box shows identification process details such as the matching speed reached on your PC.

Register new user

Registration interface takes 3 prints of the same finger and registers the user in the database either with one - the best quality - print out of the three or all three prints (depending on preferences chosen in Settings tab).

Browse database

Database explorer shows all users with their corresponding fingerprints and detailed information. Also offers the possibility to delete a user's fingerprint or the whole user (all fingerprints associated to the user name).


Settings tab allows to choose the demo application preferences such as the scanner used, matching speed parameter (from 1 to 8, where 8 selects the fastest engine - 1.500.000 fingerprint matches per second), and registration settings.

IDDemo supports following fingerprint scanners:
- Crossmatch Verifier 300 LC
- Digital Persona U.are.U 4000B
- Futronic FS-80, FS-82, FS-88
- Lumidigm Jupiter and Venus sensors
- Secugen Hamster III
- Upek TCRU01 and TCRU02
- TST BiRD 3

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